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Second year of this trick or treat exchange. New or old, let's have fun. Below i’ve listed the fandoms I requested and ideas/things i’d like/not like with them.

General likes: Fluff, humor, au’s (especially mythology based aus)

General Dislikes: Gore, death.

Spoilers for Until Dawn mentioned in the Until Dawn section of the letter btw.

Hatoful Kareshi/Hatoful Boyfriend

Likes: Hiyoko just being a frantic being of energy and loving food, birds as human au’s.

Dislikes: Nothing in particular for this fandom.

Thoughts: Love the idea of slice of life stuff happening with these characters. Like a school fundraiser or a play. Something like that.

Star vs the Forces of Evil

Likes: Older Star/Tom/Marco as an poly! group. I also like just Tom/Marco. Star being kickass as always.

Dislikes: Star/Marco. I like them when Tom’s in the mix too. Otherwise, no thanks.

Thoughts: Tom/Marco based off the Persephone myth, Older Star/Tom/Marco in shared home.

Until Dawn

Likes: Emily/Jessica as a pairing, Happy ending for Josh. (i also like the pairing Chris/Josh)

Dislikes: Emily or Josh hate (don’t get me started). I will be honest I don’t care for Ashley much for my own reasons (nothing to do with shipping I swear.) . No character bashing of course. Just would like as little of her as possible please.

Thoughts: I’m partial to the idea of the survivors being monster hunters au myself.


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