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2017-05-12 02:04 am

In a world...

Don't think I've ever said how much I enjoy a good au on this blog before. If I'm in a fandom, chances are i've got a few aus brewed.

My current interests fandoms (Bendy and the Ink Machine and Turbo Fast) are not any different.
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2017-04-17 11:15 pm
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Everything has got a downside

One thing about following Netflix original shows is the dreaded running out of episodes after bingeing episodes like crazy and then having to wait for the next season.

It's even worse when you follow animated shows I noticed because most shows they don't really keep you updated until it's really close to release. I mean, they didn't really TELL anyone that Turbo Fast was ended (which sucks because I really did love that show.)

Ah well, really can't wait to have an date for season 2 of Trollhunters and Skylanders Academy.

For now, new Mystery science theater entertaining me. And I think that new Bill Nye show comes out soon.
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2017-04-15 03:29 am

The prompt collection post

I'm always open for prompts. Chances are higher I'll get a prompt done if it's one of the pairings in my shipping post.
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2015-11-04 08:29 pm
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Truly outrageous comic edition

The other day at Barnes and Noble I picked up a copy of the paperback collection of the Jem and the Holograms comic. Best decision. I love it so much. Beautifully drawn, different body types for the characters, and one of my favorite pairings from the original show is canon.

Also picked up a copy of "The Art of Equestria". Decent book and neat behind the scenes stuff. What was awesome however is in the back there was a fan art section. In that section was a piece of fan art a friend of mine had done before. I wasn't even aware her art was going to be in this book. So happy for her though.
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2015-11-03 02:15 am

(no subject)

Depressions been kicking my butt for awhile. Got to the point where I finally bought one of those sun lamps I hear help with the winter blahs. I'm not under the impression that it'll fix all my depression. But every little bit helps.

Podcasts, simple casual games, and occasional fan stuff has been helping a bit. Big into Gravity Falls right now. The twenty-third can not come fast enough for the next episode.
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2015-10-31 06:43 pm
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ship post

For a building up my deamwidth first post i thought i post my shipping list. This list is probably not completely done. But still.

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2015-10-31 06:19 pm

(no subject)

Tumblr been... disckish, lately. Not enough to totally give the site up before I figured nows a good time to put actual effort into my Dreamwidth blog.

So... watch this space I guess?
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2015-09-19 04:58 am

Trick or treat letter 2015

Second year of this trick or treat exchange. New or old, let's have fun. Below i’ve listed the fandoms I requested and ideas/things i’d like/not like with them.

General likes: Fluff, humor, au’s (especially mythology based aus)

General Dislikes: Gore, death.

Spoilers for Until Dawn mentioned in the Until Dawn section of the letter btw.

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2015-06-09 06:26 pm
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Table Top games and me

 Interesting little fact about me. I like to collect table top games. I’ve bought a few random ones and have backed some games kickstarters at the tier where I would get a copy.
This wouldn’t be a odd thing except I literally have no one near me to play these games with.
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2015-05-11 11:16 pm

Every woman exchange letter

 Hey all. First off looking forward to writing for this exchange as I have been trying to challenge myself to write more female centric works. So kudos to this whole exchange.  On to the main letter.
Fandom: Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse
Characters: Barbie (Barbie), Raquelle (Barbie)
Details: I’ll be honest and say I ship Barbie and Raquelle. But the fic doesn't need to be shippy. I’ll be happy with the two working together on an event, like a masquerade ball or something. Raquelle still being mostly herself of course, but with some personal growth. 
Fandom: Monster High
Characters: Abbey Bominable, Frankie Stein
Details: Once again I do ship Abbey and Frankie (kind of my Monster High otp ) but not necessary. If shipping, would love to see something about their first date. 
Fandom: Bob’s Burgers
Characters: Linda Belcher, Tina Belcher, Louise Belcher
Details: something funny and sweet with the Belcher woman being awesome. Maybe one of them working on a story for a writing contest and everyone chiming in with their own ideas?
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2014-09-14 09:06 pm

Trick of Treat letter

Happy Halloween you Trick or Treat writers! If you’re like me you’re looking forward to writing a trick (or treat). And if you’re also like me you want to know more about what the person you’re doing the trick or treat for likes so to make the best trick or treat for them.
In general I probably would lean to preferring “treats”. Unless the tricks involve supernatural things as I do love me some good supernatural things (give me a urban fantasy au or something and I will be very happy.). 

 General Likes
In general I do like..
Fluff- I love me some nice fluff. Especially if it’s in a domestic fic setting or holiday.
AU’s- Au’s are great. Human! (for the fandoms where they are normally animals or what have you) urban fantasy, mythology, cafe, what have you.
Masquerades- I like a nice masquerade party fic. Don’t know, it’s a thing with me.
Weddings: Because they make me smile.
Humor: Make me laugh and i’m happy.
For the less pg rated things I really like bondage. And I don’t mind a bit of noncon (though it’s not a requirement. If it makes you uncomfortable to write it, no worries.)
Turbo Fast
- Something Turbo/Hardcase. I ship those two so hard. While I do mainly ship it both sided, I can go for it in a one sided way. Whichever you feel you’re best at. I do also headcanon human! (if you choose to do an au) Hardcase as very tall and Turbo shorter than him (bit of a size difference between them works for them I feel.)
Five Nights At Freddy’s
I know, weird that I say I prefer treats and yet I have this fandom on the list. I admit my version of the animatronics is based off of the more funny posts on tumblr. Perhaps still a bit murderous but have come to a surprising truce with Mike.
I also love the idea of Bonnie having a one sided crush on Mike where nothing ever happens. He just kind of pines for him.
Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated
I Prefer any fics in this fandom to be animal characters as human au verse. Particularly because I ship one sided Scooby/Professor Pericles. Yeahh, not a healthy for either of them ship. But I like it.
Things I Do Not Want
I’m pretty easy going. Though I will admit I do not care for gore or death. Not to say I don’t mind stuff with a slightly darker tone, but not so dark I need a flashlight. Other then that, I can’t think of anything in particular to object to.
Thank you for reading my letter and for the future fanwork I’m sure I’ll love.
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2014-03-21 09:37 pm

Cotton Candy Bingo Card

Feathers Birth Being helped Cooking Dancing
Cuddle Hotel / Motel / Resort Unicorns Date Hands
Money Loving yourself WILD CARD Taste Night in
Lighthouse Play Bachelor / Bachelorette Party Toys Favorite
Roommates Partners Holding hands Casual Permission
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2014-02-27 06:43 pm

clay stuff

 Finally got to try out my new clay baking oven this evening. They were just a couple of test pieces ( a failed attempt to make a Slytherin pin charm for stitchpunk, but bake it anyway to test the oven, and a little clay mug.) but I did it.

I'll admit ovens make me nervous, so working with this oven successfully feels good.

Now to make more things out of clay and get use to the flow of making charms and miniatures.

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2014-02-26 04:02 pm
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sewing stuff

 So just got my Basic sewing machine in. Already a couple of problems that have nothing to do with the machine. One, I need to figure out how to get the detachable storage unit back on. Second, I need to find a place I can put it where the plug will reach a outlet.
I'm sure I can figure those problems out soon enough, and then get on to figuring out sewing related problems.


I’m not sure but I think i’m threading the upper thread on my machine wrong. Because thread keeps snarling and bunching under the test material. It could be the bobbin too because goodness knows i’m bad at this.
I’ll figure this out eventually i’m sure.
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2013-12-10 05:54 pm

Gen Bingo Card

Crackfic Compare and Contrast Determined The Shopping Mall Science
Crack: Elves, Pixies, and other Magical Helpers or Irritations Magical Creatures Vengeance Elves Confessions
Humour Episode Tags and Missing Scenes Wild Card Majestic Cleaning the House
Silk Fire Parody Wheel of Fortune Homes
Hey, you're... me: meeting alternate universe counterparts Torture Plays and Scripts Dystopias Funerals and Wakes
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2013-06-27 08:06 am

ladies bingo card

Just keeping this card for a easy reference checking.

Phobias "It is the way of my people": Traditions Hooker AU Reunions Threesomes and moresomes
If only you'd notice me: Yearning and obliviousness Little Miss Perfect: Mary Sue (or Marty Stu) To the highest bidder: Auctions and Slavefic Domestic bliss Documentation
Truth serum, truth spells, and Truth drugs Crossover: Books & literary Wild Card Dystopias Soulbonding
Thank God it's Friday... Again: Time Loops Magical Creatures Second person narration Diaries and Journals Ghosts & Hauntings
Drugs Drunkeness & Inebriation Zombies Habits & Routines Relative values: Families
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2013-01-15 10:43 am

dark fantasy bingo card

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2013-01-03 10:50 pm

trope bingo card

au: coffee shop sharing a bed fuck or die secret relationship slavefic
au: daemons game night truth or dare au: steampunk au: neighbors
forced to marry day at the beach FREE

kidfic presumed dead
au: band locked in immortality / reincarnation fake relationship secret twin / doppelganger
mind control au: were / vamp / supernatural au: apocalypse au: hooker / porn / stripper au: historical
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2012-08-05 06:07 pm

Cottoncandy bingo

Well, trying my hand at Cottoncandy bingo. Hopefully it'll pull me out of my muse issues. Here's my card.

Language / Words Vulnerable Tent Midnight Beach
Glitter / Sparkle Body / body part – love / worship Acquaintances Hero / Idol Glomp
Accident Poetry WILD CARD Confidence Post-It Notes
Northern / Southern Lights Play-fighting Candy Compliments Meal
Shoulder rub Crying / Tears Science Don't stop Love notes
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2012-06-12 12:52 pm

Dreamworks kink meme

 So, dusting off my dreamwidth a bit further and putting some comms i had on LJ onto Dreamwidth. On which being the Dreamworks kink meme (or just prompt meme if one prefers XD