Sep. 14th, 2014

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Happy Halloween you Trick or Treat writers! If you’re like me you’re looking forward to writing a trick (or treat). And if you’re also like me you want to know more about what the person you’re doing the trick or treat for likes so to make the best trick or treat for them.
In general I probably would lean to preferring “treats”. Unless the tricks involve supernatural things as I do love me some good supernatural things (give me a urban fantasy au or something and I will be very happy.). 

 General Likes
In general I do like..
Fluff- I love me some nice fluff. Especially if it’s in a domestic fic setting or holiday.
AU’s- Au’s are great. Human! (for the fandoms where they are normally animals or what have you) urban fantasy, mythology, cafe, what have you.
Masquerades- I like a nice masquerade party fic. Don’t know, it’s a thing with me.
Weddings: Because they make me smile.
Humor: Make me laugh and i’m happy.
For the less pg rated things I really like bondage. And I don’t mind a bit of noncon (though it’s not a requirement. If it makes you uncomfortable to write it, no worries.)
Turbo Fast
- Something Turbo/Hardcase. I ship those two so hard. While I do mainly ship it both sided, I can go for it in a one sided way. Whichever you feel you’re best at. I do also headcanon human! (if you choose to do an au) Hardcase as very tall and Turbo shorter than him (bit of a size difference between them works for them I feel.)
Five Nights At Freddy’s
I know, weird that I say I prefer treats and yet I have this fandom on the list. I admit my version of the animatronics is based off of the more funny posts on tumblr. Perhaps still a bit murderous but have come to a surprising truce with Mike.
I also love the idea of Bonnie having a one sided crush on Mike where nothing ever happens. He just kind of pines for him.
Scooby Doo: Mystery Incorporated
I Prefer any fics in this fandom to be animal characters as human au verse. Particularly because I ship one sided Scooby/Professor Pericles. Yeahh, not a healthy for either of them ship. But I like it.
Things I Do Not Want
I’m pretty easy going. Though I will admit I do not care for gore or death. Not to say I don’t mind stuff with a slightly darker tone, but not so dark I need a flashlight. Other then that, I can’t think of anything in particular to object to.
Thank you for reading my letter and for the future fanwork I’m sure I’ll love.


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